In the Company of Leaders – free ebooks

On the the keynote sessions at the recent Toastmasters Convention was presented by Bob Hooey -  "The Ideas Man". His speech was entitied "The Power of One – you can do and will make a difference" – a very relevent topic to leaders in Toastmasters.

He gave us all a copy of one of his books – "The Power of One". He has also made several books and articles available for free on his website. This includes several full length books on leadership, management and self-development.

I highly recommend some of the downloads – so visit to grab some of the articles.

15 common mistakes speakers make

This list is from a brain-storming session we held at the recent World Champions Edge summit in Calgary.

  1. No message
  2. To many messages
  3. Ignoring your audience
  4. No pausing
  5. “Chicken soup” stories (using other common stores and not using your own stories)
  6. Making yourself the hero
  7. Stepping on the laugh
  8. Explaining why, not how
  9. Not being yourself
  10. Making assumptions (about your audience)
  11. Being too serious
  12. Forcing (irrelevent) humour into your speech
  13. Repetitive gestures
  14. Winging your speech
  15. Not customizing your message to your audience