Speaker’s Checklist – 20 items to pack

CableIf you are speaking on a regular basis, you get used to packing and unpacking everything that you need for your presentations. However, it is very easy to leave something small behind that you really need!

I have my own checklist of stuff that I always take with me. I use some of them at almost every presentation, and some items (such as spare extension cables) are for “just in case”.

So, here are some things that you may consider adding to your checklist.

  1. Laptop
  2. Wireless (presenter) mouse
  3. Power cables
  4. Extension cables
  5. Multi-plugs
  6. Adapters & cables (USB, network, audio etc)
  7. Masking tape
  8. Presentation on CD, laptop & memory stick
  9. Backup copy of presentation in separate bag
  10. Venue should supply – but check with them!
    • Projector
    • Screen
    • Microphone / AV gear
    • White-board
    • Flip-chart
  11. White-board / flip-chart pens
  12. Conference packs / handouts
  13. Back of room sales items (books, CD’s etc)
  14. Spare batteries
  15. Printout of presentation (just in case)
  16. Business cards
  17. Nametag
  18. Printed introduction (for the MC to use to introduce you)
  19. Change of clothing – in case somebody spills coffee all over you just before you speak
  20. Directions to venue!

What do you pack that is not on my list?

2 thoughts on “Speaker’s Checklist – 20 items to pack”

  1. Great list!

    Here’s one adapter you might want to single out: video.

    You’ll often find yourself dealing with a projector that has only a VGA input. And users of many sub-notebooks, Macbooks and some newer high-end laptops don’t have a VGA connector built into their computers.

    By the way, you’ll want to tape your contact info to the adapter – and buy a spare. Sooner or later, you’ll forget to remove it from the projector when you pack up.

  2. Hi Rob-

    Good point! What I also do is to take my own projector with me and leave it in the car, then at least I know that I have a projector that will work with my laptop!

    Of course, at some venues that is not always possible, but for smaller venues it is usually fine.


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