3 things they don?t tell you about goal setting

Here are three things that will make a huge difference between achieving a goal or not quite making it. There is a fine line between success and failure, and these will help you to cross that line. 

  1. You need to really want to achieve the goal. How easy is it going to be to achieve the goal if you are only 50% committed to achieving it? That gives you only 50% chance of success. If you want to achieve a goal, be fully committed.
  2. There is no room for doubt. If you allow room for doubt, it will creep in and hold you back. Make a decision that you WILL reach the goal.
  3. Sometimes achieving a goal actually requires work! When Darren le Croix won the world champion of public speaking, a colleague told him how lucky he was to have won. The colleague had no idea how much work and energy Darren had put into that goal.

What else don?t they tell you?

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