8 tips from Mark Brown

MarkbrownHere are eight thoughts that Mark left us with when he was at our Toastmasters Conference last May.

  • What do you want the audience to think differently about when they leave the room?
  • It is not about being sensational, it is about being sincere.
  • It is not what you can offer, it is what does the audience want.
  • Stories do not need to be mind-blowing, they just need a point.
  • Everybody has stories.
  • Be aware of others – listen to them, learn their names.
  • Be humble – you are speaking for others.
  • Be descriptive.

Follow these ideas, and you will present a great speech!

ps: If you ever have the opportunity to hear Mark Brown speak, please do – he has a great message (and a pretty amazing voice as well!)

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