Sticking to the CODE?

qrcode A simple method to improving your speeches

Content ? what is your topic, why this topic, what is your angle on the topic, why is it important to the audience, what stories are you going to tell to illustrate your points?

Organisation ? how are you going to structure your speech, what are your key points, how many key points, what is going to go into the intro and conclusion?

Delivery ? You only get one take when presenting, how are you going to make the most of it?

Evaluation ? to become a better speaker, you need feedback. Ask others what they thought, record yourself and listen to it afterwards. Figure out what really worked in your speech, what didn?t and how you can be even better next time.

(thanks to Martin Louw for the idea)

Note: The image on the right is a QR code – see if you can find the hidden message

2 thoughts on “Sticking to the CODE?”

  1. Clever acronym, Craig! I would suggest using actual written (anonymous) evaluations. When you ask people for feedback, most of the time they’re too polite to tell you the truth to your face!

  2. Thanks Lisa for the feedback. You are right with the evaluations – that is why I always have feedback forms at my seminars.

    The other trick is to never ask family how good a presentation is – they will never give you honest feedback.

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