The A-Z of public speaking

The A-Z of public speaking in 26 phrases…

  • Have a great attitude on and off the stage
  • Body language and gestures enhance your message
  • Make connections with the audience
  • Delivery and content are key
  • Speak with energy and enthusiasm
  • Facts tell, stories sell
  • Get to the point
  • Use Humour to make connections
  • Inspire your audience
  • Use original Jokes
  • Know your audience
  • Record and listen to your speeches
  • What is your message?
  • Notice how your audience is responding to your speech
  • Speak at every opportunity (stage time!)
  • Is PowerPoint enhancing or detracting from your speech?
  • Q cards can be useful ? especially for a long presentation
  • Rehearse your presentation
  • Simple messages are easy to understand
  • Stick to time
  • Does the audience understand your message?
  • Use Visual, auditory and kinesthetic phrases ? address all the senses
  • When in doubt, leave it out
  • Use real-life eXamples
  • You are not the star
  • Zzzzz ? don?t put your audience to sleep

What would you add?

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