10 things to never say to a customer

Here is a brief extract from an interesting list of 10 things to never say to your customer. It is from”the amazing service guy”. How many of these have been said to you?

“We’d like to help, but it’s our company policy…”
“You’ll have to talk to the corporate office about that.”
“No one else has complained about…”

How many of them have you said yourself?

The full list is here.

2 thoughts on “10 things to never say to a customer”

  1. These are good points there Craig.

    I feel we try to protect ourselves firstly from making a decision, secondly from making a mistake by building a wall of terms and conditions. Yet at the same time we want more sales.

    Sometimes one tiny thing done in favor of the customer can turn him into a raving fan and bring you even thousands of dollars in return.

  2. Interesting points made here. As a consumer i personally find most of these comments extremely annoying. What is lacking in many organisations is a properly thought out and structured response to disappointed or angry customers. Simple steps like asking for permission to take notes and repeating back what has been said can quickly diffuse all but the most belligerent customers. A little forethought can go a long way to turning a complaint into an opportunity to build customer loyalty. A problem dealt with swiftly and effectively can actually help build a positive relationship.

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