Are you in the minority?

I was queuing to pay at a shop the other day when my phone rang. I took the call and quickly hung up when I got to the front so that I could pay for my shopping. The shopping assistant was surprised that I had hung up to speak to her. She told me that it was the first time that had happened, and everybody else just carried on speaking on the phone while they paid; as if she did not exist.

I thought it was just basic manners to speak to the person serving you, and not to treat them as a servant. I must be in the minority.

How do you treat those around you? Are you in the minority?

6 thoughts on “Are you in the minority?”

  1. You did the right thing. Several people working behind the counter have told me they don’t like dealing with customers who are also talking on the phone. I think the simplest thing would be for the store employee to ignore the customer who insists on continuing their phone conversation, and simply beckon the next customer in line to come up to the counter. Who knows? maybe it will start a trend back to a more polite society.

  2. If someone is your prospect or customer and you don’t give them 100% attention aren’t you being rude and inconsiderate?

    If I were the client I would leave – quickly!

    Thanks for the Post!

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