Do you return messages?

I am working with a large company in Cape Town on some web development. The total value of the project is in the millions of Rands.

Recently I contacted a potential vendor to set-up a meeting to discuss how they could assist and work on the project. They never responded to my requests. So we are not going to be working with them, and they have lost a potential huge customer and a lot of business.

I contacted three people to fix some damp in my house. One never got back to me, another quoted over 5 times the going rate for the job, and the other is finishing off the job today. This is while businesses are complaining about the “tough economy”.

Do you return messages? How much business have you lost because you did not get around to answering an email?

5 thoughts on “Do you return messages?”

  1. Yes it is crazy, I estimate that about 30% of my clients have started working with me just because their previous suppliers were not professional enough.

    Good for business for me, but sad for the situation.

  2. I’m chairman of the body corporate of a block of

    Likewise I’m astonished at the laziness and attitude.
    What further bugs me is when they expect me to solve simple “problems” like

    1) “I couldn’t get hold of the caretaker so I couldn’t get in. Can you
    please meet me there instead.” No, damnit. I’m busy and I’m not refunded for
    my time and petrol to run around after contractors. That’s why I gave him a
    phone. Phone the caretaker until you get hold of him (I know he’s reliable).

    2) “This is an old building and I don’t know how to match the moulding/
    bricks/ frame/ etc.”
    If you don’t know then don’t quote
    If you can come up with a solution, then quote: “In order to match the
    moulding/ brick/ ironwork, we will have to…. (price) Or …. (price)”


  3. If it’s bad in the offline word, its ten times worse online. Networking is so important on the ‘Net’ and yet people simply do not respond to messages or e-mails. 1 out of 10 might be a accurate number, based on my years as a webmaster…

  4. Yeah, your numbers are probably about right, however in this case it was a phone call, and they clearly know the company that was wanting work, one of South Africa’s largest companies.

    Well the vendor that did get the work is very happy…

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