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Newsletter_2One of the characteristics of great leaders, is that they are always learning, and always improving themselves. Well, here is an opportunity for self-improvement from some world leaders.

It it a list of 16 free great self-development email newsletters that I found. It includes the likes of Brian Tracey, Dr Judith Orloff, Guy Finley, Dale Carnegie, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Tom Hopkins.

Some of the newsletters are:

Self Help Books Weekly Newsletter
If you read Self Improvement Books, this free newsletter is for you. Information on new book releases, best sellers, book reviews, excerpts, special promotions, interviews with the authors & more.   
Personal Success Secrets from Brian Tracy
Personal Success Secrets and special recommendations from Brian Tracy Learn how to set and achieve your goals faster than ever before. Subscribe to receive your FREE weekly newsletters from Brian Tracy.
Dr. Judith Orloff’s Positive Energy and Intuition Newsletter
Psychiatrist and best-selling author Judith Orloff MD offers this free e-newsletter which focuses on empowering your intuition, energy, freeing yourself from negative emotions, and conquering stress and fatigue. You’ll receive FREE mini video classes and state of the art information on blending body, mind and spirit.
Today Is Your Day To Win" E-course
A real life rags to riches story, Mike Brescia delivers 99 laser-focused, no holds barred coaching sessions to help you make today and the rest of your life a stunning success. This one of a kind mental conditioning course is a powerhouse. 
Home Business Newsletter
Receive Free Articles and updates on Starting and Growing a Home Business. Includes information on Sales, Marketing, using the Internet, Network Marketing Opportunities, Franchises, Business Plans and much more. Includes reviews and motivation to help you with your home business. 
Fulfill the True Purpose of Your Life
Best-selling "Letting Go" author, Guy Finley, reveals amazing secrets for stress-free, fearless living. Receive inspirational weekly messages, plus deep discounts on today’s most powerful self-improvement materials in Guy Finley’s FREE "Key Lesson" e-mails. Exclusively from non-profit Life of Learning Foundation.   
Selling and Sales Skills Newsletter
Contains articles, and information on sales skills and improving your sales productivity. Expert tips, tools and information to assist you with you sales career.   
Brain Improvement and IQ Test Newsletter
Newsletter on a variety of topics including IQ Tests, Brain Enhancement, Speed Reading, Memory Improvement, and Creativity. Contains up to date information on IQ Tests and EQ Tests on the web.
You can view the complete list and subscribe to any of the newsletters here from a single webpage.

I have subscribed to a few of them and I will let you know how there are.  Please tell me what you think!



2 thoughts on “16 Free self-development newsletters”

  1. Thanks for the list. I just finished Dr. Judith Orloff’s book Positive Energy and loved it. I hadn’t realized that she had a newsletter.

  2. Thanks Susan-

    Glad you found them. There does seem to be a lot of marketing material in the newsletters, but if you get past that they still contain some good stuff.



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