10 Delivery Guidelines for Speaking with Impact

Craig Valentine offers 10 simple guidelines for adding impact to your speech. Included are:

1. Don’t move all the time. If you are always moving then no movement will be meaningful. Your audience will never know what’s most important. Move with a purpose. When there is no reason to move, don’t.

6. Don’t use the same gesture over and over again. This is evidence of a habit and most likely distracts from your presentation.

Read the full list with more details and audio-examples here.

4 thoughts on “10 Delivery Guidelines for Speaking with Impact”

  1. Hi Craig,
    Not sure if I’m the only one, but I couldn’t successfully open the link to view the full list of Craig’s 10 Delivery Guidelines for Speaking with Impact – server trouble with http://www.Craigvalentine.com

  2. Thanks for the Post and link, Craig.

    I particularly like Craig Valentine’s suggestions for using character’s gestures and surround-sense gestures.

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