Ben Zander – tickets still available for JHB

Yesterday, I saw Ben Zander speaking in Cape Town. He and his wife Ros were here for the launch of the Alive With Possibility DVD, a DVD celebrating the possibility in South Africa. Ben is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and one of the most transformational speakers that I have ever heard.

He speaks about downward spiral thinking, and radiating possibility speaking, and leaves us with the challenge of looking for possibility in our thoughts and our actions. This is the third time that I have seen him, and every time is a transformational experience.

If you are in Johannesburg, there are still a few tickets available for Friday’s presentation. Speak to [email protected] about tickets, or visit to find out more about Ben.

We are alive with Possibility

Interview with Dorian Haarhoff

I recently reviewed the book “The Halo and the Noose“, by Dorian Haarhoff and Graham Williams. Here is an interview with Dorian in which we discuss the book, storytelling and stories in business.

[podcast] Haarhof.MP3[/podcast]

If the book sounds interesting, you can order it here.

4 Steps to effective listening

Do you know why we were given two ears and one mouth? Because it is twice as hard to listen as it is to speak!

Here is a very simple approach from Steve Shapiro to follow to become a more effective listener.

  • Pay attention to what they are saying
  • Acknowledge what was said
  • Clarify to avoid confusion
  • Respond to what was said

By following these simple steps, you wall avoid the trap of waiting for the other person to finish speaking before speaking, and learn to listen to what other people have to say.