Runners code of ethics

This is not a set of rules that you have to follow. The aim is to have a simple set of guidelines that will make your running experience safer and more enjoyable and will enhance the reputation of runners.

Road running

    • I will always make myself visible; at night I will wear a reflective belt or vest with a flashing red light on my back
    • If I run in the road at night I will use a headlamp
    • Where possible I will try to run on the pavements, and when I have to run on the road, I will try to face the traffic
    • When I have to run in the road I will be extra cautious and make way for other vehicles
    • I will not use headphones when I am running in the road
    • I will run defensively and always make way for other vehicles (even when I am in the right)

Trail running

    • I will run on trails according to my ability
    • I will take suitable kit with me for my run. For example: space blanket, first aid kit, rain gear, compass, map, water, a snack
    • I will let somebody know my planned route and expected time home
    • I will take nothing, and leave nothing behind
    • I will have the local mountain rescue number on my phone

When racing

    • I will not run as a ghost runner on races; I will pay my entry fees
    • Unless the correct substitution process has been followed I will not run with somebody else’s number
    • I will warn other runners of obstacles/hazards in the road or on the trail
    • I will throw trash in the dustbins; if no dustbins are nearby I will hang onto my trash until I find a dustbin
    • I will self-seed myself at the start so that my start position is according to my ability
    • I will be careful at refreshment stations, and assist other runners to get items and move out of the way once I have what I need
    • I will follow the race rules, even if I do not agree with them
    • I will listen and follow instructions given by marshals and law enforcement
    • I will thank the volunteers and marshals

General guidelines

  • I will make way for faster runners
  • I will always check that it is safe before crossing a road or intersection
  • I will run on sensible and legal routes
  • If I see a runner in difficulty I will assist him or her
  • When overtaking runners, walkers or anybody else, I will clearly warn them of my approach and ensure I pass safely
  • I will not litter
  • I will greet other runners and those around me
  • If I need a body break (loo, blow my nose, fart etc.), I will do it discreetly and at an appropriate place

(with thanks to Cape Town Runners, and Western Province Athletics)

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