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Craig this is brilliant! Thanks man, it’s like the revival of a legendary old dinosaur! I was just talking to my new band The Pits about our CD launch in ’97 today, we’re looking at doing a demo soon. This is awesome, really brings back many awesome memories! The ‘reunion’ we did last year was needed, we should do it again when we’re all in the same place again, maybe next time with a gig! We still got a lot of old fans who’d be there, most of them probably with kids by now!

Nice one mate!

Thanks dude, that reunion was great, as soon as Chris is in town we should do another one, but this time with the PA!

Keep well and I am gonna gatecrash one of your gigs with my camera at some stage.


Craig please do gatecrash! We got couple in the pipeline, quite possibly Mercury upstairs on 20 May, we could do with a decent photographer since I can’t take pics myself! Will be great to catch up again anyway!

Love this site man, allow me to brag…

Will do, let me know closer to the time and will make a plan.

Go ahead and brag as much as you like 🙂 I still need more photos and about the band content, so if you are feeling full of words, send some to me and I will load them.