The 7 P’s of a great story

Here is a great outline to follow when creating a story. This list comes from a storytelling workshop presented by Dorian Haarhoff at the Toastmasters Conference in Port Elizabeth.

  • People
  • Place
  • Problem
  • Pleasant
  • Plan
  • Process
  • Product

Take Little Red Riding Hood for example:

  • People   – Red Riding Hood, her grandmother, the woodcutter and the wicked wolf
  • Place   – a forest
  • Pleasant – Red Riding Hood going to visit her grandmother
  • Problem  – the wolf eats and then masquerades as grandmother
  • Plan   – chop off the wolf?s head
  • Process  – saved by the woodcutter
  • Product  – we all live happily ever after

Remember, facts tell, and stories sell ? so go out and write some great stories.

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