Book Review: Everyone Communicates, few connect by John Maxwell

Everyone Communicates, few Connect by John Maxwell

Published by Thomas Nelson

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Many of us have intentions to read more self-development books, but by the end of the work-day we are simply too tired, so we end up in front of the TV or reading a light novel.

This book is one of those that you can pick up at the end of the day. It is filled with stories and anecdotes drawn from his own experience and from others; all of which illustrate the points that he is trying to make. The story telling style makes it easy reading; yet still a book of substance. This is typical of what I have come to expect from his other books. At 250 pages it is not a long read, but you can always go back to it again and again.

The main premise of the book is that while we spend a huge amount of time communicating, we are not necessarily making the right effective connections that are crucial to effective communication and leadership.

The book is divided into two main sections; principles and practices. It is self explanatory, but he gives a few simple principles on making better and effective connections, and then shows how to implement them.

The book is aimed at anybody wishing to make better connections; and could be applied in both your personal or business life. He gives simple tips at the end of chapter, divided into three main areas, namely one-on one, a group or an audience.

For the public speakers out there; some great tips (and affirmation of some things you already know), for those of you in corporate business, some tips on working with colleagues, in teams at or in a group environment, such as at meetings. And one-on one communication is important to us all.

An unusual feature of the book is that John Maxwell posted the manuscript of the book on his blog, and he received over 100,000 view over eleven weeks, resulting in over 70 quotes, stories and anecdotes from readers which resulted in over 100 revisions. Every contributor is acknowledged in the book.

I am a fan of John Maxwell, so it is difficult to be unbiased, but as a communicator and public speaker, this is a great book, and it is going to help you to become even better.

It is available from Amazon in hardback for $17.15. The folks at Thomas Nelson have kindly provided 5 free copies to readers. Leave you name in the comment section below, and I will randomly draw 5 names on 28 July who will each receive a copy.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for the (signed) review copy.

26 thoughts on “Book Review: Everyone Communicates, few connect by John Maxwell”

  1. I also am a huge fan of John Maxwell. He is a wonderful model of leadership. I remember my stint in the Marine Corps, and the lessons I learned on leadership. Lessons I will always carry with me, and ring quite similar to those of John Maxwell.

    The Marine Corps begins teaching leadership as soon as one enters boot camp. John Maxwell speaks of always grooming the next leader to replace yourself. And I believe that is why the Marine Corps starts so early.

    This sounds like another fabulous installment from a great leader.

  2. Ditto. Also, I’d recommend Maxwell’s “Developing the Leader within You!” Lessons for life.

  3. Sounds like a great book that everyone can learn from. I look forward to reading it.

  4. I’ve been fortunate enough to have heard him speak and have CDs of his through his personal relationship with Jim & Nancy Dornan of Network 21. Always worth reading.

  5. Would love to own one of his books – and I am sure I will be one of the lucky five! Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I am a John Maxwell fan too Craig. Even if one purchases the John Maxwell Year Planner, he has a word of advice or a quotation for every day of the year – very inspiring person. He is a wonderful speaker as well. I enjoy listening to his easy speaking style.

  7. Robin Lunt … you sound like a Toastmaster! Very certain that you’ll be one of the 5 lucky ones! That’s being positive – well done, keep it up!

  8. Thank you, Craig, for highlighting this book. I am sorry to say that I did not know of John Maxwell (should I be embarrassed too?!). Your review made me go and look at his website, and I’ve already read two things there that I can use today. 🙂

  9. Maxwell is also widely published on leadership. Include me in the draw!

  10. I just know I’m going to win a free copy … Law of Attraction, Universe … listen up!

  11. Thanks to all that put your names into the hat.

    Congratulations to Michael,Joe,Jabulani,Deirdre,David; your books are on the way.


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